Keep Your Children Safe from Toys

Toys are primarily made for children to have fun as well as to help their cognitive development. Although toys are created to make children happy they could also cause harm to them if not handled properly. As a mother my number one concern when buying toys for my daughter is not only the benefits she can get from it but most of all her safety. Malls and toy stores have variety of toys to choose from but parents should be cautious enough to pick the right toys and materials for their kids. 

Here are some few tips that could help parents in choosing not only the best but the safest toys for their children:

Read the labels
Labels are attached to every toy so that pertinent information about a particular toy could be noted. Don’t just pick any toy randomly just because it’s cute or pretty. When buying a stuffed toy make sure that it is washable. If you choose any painted toys, always check the label to be sure that it is lead-free. Art materials such as crayons and paints should have “nontoxic” written on the label. A few minutes of your time spent reading the label could do a lot in keeping your child safe from their toys.

Consider the age
Always make sure that the toys you choose is suitable for your child’s age. The label usually states what age that particular toy is suitable to. Some people may disregard this but it should be given proper attention because it says a lot about your child’s safety. Toys that are choking hazards are not supposed to be given to babies and infants. Toy manufacturers designed toys considering the age of the children who will use it; aside from keeping your kids safe they can also maximize it because it is appropriate for them.

Quality of Materials
To keep the toys longer, parents must also consider the quality of materials used in buying toys.  Toys with low quality materials might pose danger to your kids. It may be broken easily and might harm kids while playing. You should bear in mind that durable and quality toys are made of quality materials so better pick the one that is of great quality.

As parents, it is our main responsibility to keep our children safe for accidents can always happen even inside our home. Making sure that children are safe from their toys can somehow give us some peace of mind. Supervising kids on their play time or playing with them is also a good bonding time and a great opportunity for parents to ensure that their kids are safe all the time.

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rona said...

I enjoyed reading here teh and have learned important tips for my future baby's safety. Tama. I remember last Christmas that there were warnings on tv re buying plastic toys that contain harmful chemicals that may cause sickness to young children. Naalarm tuloy ako which is good para sa pamimili ng gifts for my inaanaks. Thanks for the tips!

Nahappy ako na I can see my latest post here at ur sidebar! And saw this beautiful template. Namiss ko designing at blogging. Im not totally back yet but im starting to draw myself back paunti unti. Im sure Start nato ulit for me. God bless and see u around!

Rovie Aguis said...

Thanks for dropping by Teh. I am happy to know that you are back in the blogosphere.

Looking forward to see more updates from you Teh :)

rona said...

You're welcome teh! I've new upfate in my womenschoice blog. You might want to visit! Hihi
I'm trying to visit all your blogs naloka ko ang dami na pala! Haha. Nagcomment ako sa ilan

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