What to Do After Christmas

Once Christmas has finished, there can be a real sense of confusion as to what to do next. All the weeks of planning, of frantic organisation, all undone in one day. Even Boxing Day is normally a much more sedate affair by comparison!

Given the effort that goes in to planning and putting on such a big Christmas, which reaches back months, it seems a shame that it’s all over so quickly. But the weeks after Christmas, in the run up to New Year and in the time before the kids go back, are essential to recovering from Christmas itself! Here are a few tips on how to help you do just that:


It’s been a long slog to get to Christmas, but now you should take some of this time off! If you’re not at work, make the most of it. Put your feet up, watch bad films on TV and do nothing for a while. You’ve earned it!

Eat Leftovers

While we all binge eat over Christmas, we always end up with food left over. But rather than let it all go to waste, your turkey can be the gift that keeps on giving. There’s no need to go and battle with the sales traffic to get to the shops at the moment. Get your grocery delivery online for the fresh items you need, and enjoy all the delicious cold meats and cheese, safe in the knowledge that not only are you not needing to cook, you’re actually simply making all the money you spent on Christmas go even further than previously thought.

Make a New Year’s Resolution

The time after Christmas is ideal for making a resolution, when you look back with that small sense of shame over how much you have eating in the previous days. Then like everyone else you can quickly forget about it come January!

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