Five Tips for Choosing a Retirement Home

With so many retirement homes for sale, choosing a property for either yourself or a loved one to spend their later years in can be overwhelming to say the least.

You want to find a quality home that is located in a respectable area and which caters for your individual tastes and circumstances, but whilst this decision making process may seem a little daunting there are certain steps you can take to make choosing a retirement home easier than anticipated.

Set certain criteria

Properties designed for retirement differ considerably in terms of location, size, price, amenities, staff, facilities, services and assistance. It is therefore important that before you commit to buying a retirement home you have a clear understanding of the type of property you’re after.

Your budget will inevitably influence what kind of retirement home you buy. McCarthy & Stone are one of the UK’s leading developers of retirement properties and have a huge selection of houses and apartments designed to help you make the most of your later years. These homes vary considerably in price, size and level of amenities and assistance and are available throughout the country.

Ask yourself questions when you tour different retirement homes

Similar to viewing and prospective properties that you are interested in buying, ask yourself questions about the retirement homes and properties you are considering to ensure that you are choosing the perfect location for your needs.

The questions you should consider asking include:

• Did you feel welcome at the residency? • Did the nurses/admissions director/general staff bother to find out what your personal requirements/preferences were? • Were the retirement properties clean/well maintained? • Did the residence offer adequate care/assisted living? • Was there adequate room for when family and friends come to stay? • Was the food of a high standard? • Were the houses/apartments warm or of a comfortable temperature? • Were the other residents/staff friendly?

If you have answered yes to all these questions, the chances are you’ll be happy at this retirement home – providing it’s within your budget. By taking the time to ask these important questions you can relax safe in the knowledge that your golden years will be spent in comfortable surroundings.

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Keeping all five tips, they will help me in selecting my dream retirement home. High five!

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