Instant Reunion with True Friends

If there is one thing in life that I am truly grateful for aside from life itself, I can say it is the blessing of true friendship. With the kind of world that we have right now, we can seldom find friendship that endures through thick and thin. As I have said, it is difficult to find genuine friendship nowadays and I am truly blessed for finding friends that are truly worth keeping. True friendship knows no distance and sometimes being away from each other makes the friendship even stronger just like what I and one of my closest friend have.

Ma’am Joy is a few years younger than I am but we instantly get connected when we first saw each other at work last 2005. I was the first Food Technologist in the company and it was her first job after graduation. We can easily relate to each other because aside from being Food Technologists, we also have almost the same life story and role in the family. We argue a lot about work because we need to make things challenging and better but at the end of the day, we treasure and respect each other as an individual.

Ma'am Joy with his brother Bong and Baby Veronica plus Me and Bella.
Last 2008, she was given the chance to be promoted and became the head of the company’s branch in Palawan. She may be my junior but I admire her for her strength and determination to succeed in life and make things around her a little better. I am also grateful that we became friends and treat each other like sisters. I always appreciate her effort to communicate despite her busy schedule with her family, work and school. I know how taxing it is to be in law school while taking care of a baby but she still managed to make time for everything just like their recent family vacation here in Davao and Digos City.

Together with Louie and their baby, Ma’am Joy was in town to visit her parents and the night before their flight back home, we had the chance to bond at home together with some other friends. It was actually an instant reunion among all of us. We updated each other about a lot of things and talk nonstop whatever comes to our minds as if there is no tomorrow. LOL. It was my first time to meet Louie and I can say that my friend is in good hands (two thumbs up for Louie!!!). Little Veronica is such a darling and behaves really well.

Exper with husband Rap and Orit with Ma'am Joy, Louie and Baby Roni
 It was a night to remember for everyone. As a host, it always a pleasure for us to be visited by friends and to accommodate them in our humble home . We may not have the grandest house in the world but we always see it to that we do everything we can to make them comfortable and at home. Thank you for the great time my friends and I look forward for another day of reunion with all of you soon.

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Honest-to-Goodness said...

The sweet of togetherness is treasure to cherish. Wish you for full enjoyment.

Pinx said...

They say friends come and go... and I guess that's true to my life. I have and had friends... I actually feel like I don't have real friends... some of them have been gone with the wind, others are just there, waiting to be poked. Anyway, I'm glad you had a good time with your friends mommy Rovs! I wish I could have a reunion with my friends...

Claire said...

I can relate with Pinx:) I think when you are far away, it's then you get to realize who your real friends are. I know where you are coming from ROvs, based on what you have experienced in life:) I am glad I can call you my true friend:) Thanks for always being there for us:)

Teresa Martinez said...

Real friends are really a treasure we must take care of.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Genuine friends are hard to find, it's true. I still miss my old friends out there in Pinas. I long for our conversation, yung walang pakunwarian..

Lainy said...

I hear you, Teh Rovz. Everytime I read your heartwarming posts about friendships and how rare they are, I can't help but be transported to my own world with my own set of friends. A lot of them have come and gone but there are a few real ones who were able to withstand the test of time and distance. They knew no boundaries and we were able to bridge every hindrances along the way. It's actually not a walk in the park but through the social networking sites and the latest innovations in technology, it's not that easy to "poke" a friend. LOL! Di ba teH? If you need a friend, I am just a keyboard or SMS away. Mwah!

betchai said...

I wish I can also visit you someday Rovs and finally meet and hug Bella :) like what MC said, it is when you are far away that you get to realize who your real friends are, so glad for you are able to keep real friends worth treasuring. i could feel the happiness you have from being reunited with your friends.

kulasa said...

echoing you in saying that "true friends" are one of the things that make me feel so blessed in life....the comfort of simply seeing them, and talking about life is a stressbuster beyond your happy smiles here...I too would love to one day be able to visit your home...and talk about anything under the have such a pure heart, something I truly admire in people....hugs and kisses to cutie Bella....

papaleng said...

Anyrthing 'Instant' is full of surprises worth reminscing. Ganoon din siguro ang naganap na instant reunion nyo. Treasure that moment for life Rovs.

Marie said...

Agree with paps. Anything "instant" is full of surprises and fun. In my case with my friends, anything unplanned turns out good while anything planned isn't successful.

I'm missing my friends already.

Your friendship with Ma'am Joy is amazing Ate Rovs. ♥

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