Family Fun in Brighton on a Budget

There are no two ways about it, once you have a family the cost of a getaway or even a short weekend break goes up. The rate at which it multiplies even seems to go beyond the amount of extra bodies you have now accumulated and so too does the amount of stuff you find yourself taking with you. It’s nice to go on holiday, but with such a high cost involved with not just the trip itself, but the daytrips and entertainment during your stay, it means that many families just can’t afford it.

There is a way to have a break this summer and not have to remortgage for the privilege - simply look a little closer to home rather than heading straight for the nearest airport or dock. British seaside holidays are becoming popular once more, with Brighton being a firm favourite since the Victorian times. Simply book a hotel for your seaside holiday and chose some cheap and free activities to entertain the family during your stay and have a summer holiday to remember.

The Beach
Brighton beach is in the top 10 beach destinations in the world and has a blue flag award for water and beach quality. There is no sand here to make castles from but there is still plenty of fun to be had collecting the funniest shaped stones, skimming them across the sea and ducking in and out of the waves as they come in. Kids of all ages, and adults, love the beach, and the best part about it is that it’s all completely free. If you are feeling brave then why not take a dip in the beautifully clean water - it’s only a little chilly in there!
The Pier
Actually one of two piers in Brighton, the most famous is the Victorian Brighton Pier where you can experience British coastal summer holiday tradition in all its glory. Entry to the pier is free, as is wandering about taking in the sights. Another cheap treat is a bag of fish and chips or an ice cream where they were intended to be enjoyed, on the pier with family.

The Museum and Art Gallery
The Brighton Museum and Art Gallery has recently undergone an £10 million redevelopment, transforming it into the fantastic visitor attraction it now is. Admission to the museum is free, and you can expect art and exhibits just as good as the top London museums and galleries. There is a mix of fashion and modern art, plus a great collection of world art, to be seen in the gallery, and the museum offers a variety of artifacts explaining the history of Brighton. This is a great opportunity to mix education and culture into your holiday at the same time as having fun.

There are plenty of things to do with your kids in Brighton this summer, even on a tight budget. Rediscover one of Britain’s old favourites on a seaside break in Brighton where you will find lots to keep you and your brood entertained, for cheap or less.

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betchai said...

so many things in life to be enjoyed are free, such as the beach, that is why i guess in some places which have no nearby beach, they make man- made beach parks for their people to enjoy for free.

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