Hey, it’s July 1st!

It’s the first day of July and the first day of the 3rd quarter of the year!

I woke up early this morning and after saying my morning prayer, I started to work on some of my pending. I just don’t know why I am overly excited for this month. I am actually having a hard time organizing and balancing everything between homemaking, studying (both my MBA and Forex classes), attending blogging events, and working at home not to mention the Zumba classes and the meetings I need to attend in between both online and offline.

I know so well that this month will be full of challenges and surprises especially in my student life. But I am set to face it with an open heart and mind coupled with enthusiasm and optimism for I believe that everything will work out for good.

So as hubby flipped the calendar to the month of July this morning, I can’t help but be excited about each day and the opportunities that are waiting for me to conquer. 

 photo EAA74963-orig_zps802d1496.jpg
Majes and I during our initial case discussion :)

Hey, it’s July 1st, Monday and I’ll be meeting my Forex trading partner Lara this afternoon to discuss about our learning during the first coaching then proceed to our second coaching tonight. Tomorrow, an online conference in the afternoon with fellow FBF Admins to finalize everything about our plans for the group  then meet with my classmates in the evening to discuss about our report.

I hope to rest on Wednesday but I need to meet my partner Majes  in the afternoon to further discuss the case assigned to us in our OD class and hopefully, join the Zumba class in the evening. My Thursdays, Fridays and the whole day of Saturdays will be spent in school doing school stuff.

 photo D89A3EBE-orig_zps2fec6c66.jpg
Calendar, notebooks and school ID on my working table :)

I really do hope I could squeeze in some time for blogging and for myself. But no matter how busy my schedule is, there is always one job and one person that will be on top of my priority list and that is being a mother to my little boss. A cute boss who patiently waits for me at home every single night and who is always ready to give her sweetest kiss and super tight embrace. Ah, motherhood is such a rewarding job!

There are 31 days in the month of July. And I am so looking forward to make this month better than ever. Hey, it's July 1 and I am so ready and excited for whatever this month brings!

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KRIZZA said...

Oh, I'm missing a lot of things about you lately Sis. You're super duper busy! Your schedule must be really tight. I did the same thing before Sis and I can relate to u. I was employed full time when I took my Masterals last time. I'm having difficulty catching up with time. Having classes at night, tons of school requirements and that time my son is still a toddler, too. But I know you can make it. You're full of enthusiasm and energy. Everything will fall into place for u Sis. Cheers to that! :)

Mommy Kharen said...

Whoa! What a schedule! I wonder how you can managed to do all those sis. But as you mentioned with "open heart and mind coupled with enthusiasm and optimism" I salute to you. I wish one day I will be able to learn perfectly about time management.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Arrgghh such a busy schedule. Good thing is that you get to see your friends once in a while.

papaleng said...

wow! your sched naman is not that hectic. Whah.. Forex.. nice stuff to be an expert, dami raw yumayaman dyan. How I wish I can have a similar sched this July.

lencilicious said...

You're such a busy fine lady. I'm glad that you certainly know how to manage your time and still end everything with quality and beauty. Have a great day always.

Tingting R. said...

FOREX is one thing that I really want to learn, but sad to say, I am too lazy to start it. Well, good luck to all your endeavors.

Cheerful said...

wow, busy days ahead but I am sure it all have positive things in the end. :) goodluck on your plans for this month sis, I knew it will go smoothly. i am excited for your MBA class. keep us posted. have a great day!

Rovie said...

And I miss you too sis. Yes, suddenly I became so busy with all of these stuff but I'm glad because this means productivity. Hehehe

Thank you very much for your support sis. Cheers!

betchai said...

you have such a busy schedule Rovs, but I believe you will do so very well, with your enthusiasm, energy and dedication to everything you do.

Lainy said...

Ayayay! Ang beauty mo na ang in demand teh! Pero ajah lang! I know you will make it in between those online and offline endeavors.

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