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How much of your family’s budget is shelled out for DVDs and CDs every month? If your family is a movie fanatic, perhaps a substantial part of the family’s income is spent for this lifestyle. Let’s take a close look. Start with checking your family’s CDs and DVDs rack. How large is your collection this time? How many of those are still being listened and watched regularly? I bet, by percentage, it is only around 5% to 10%, right? Then what about the remaining 90% to 95%? For sure one or two years from now, they will be among the bulk of garbage that will add up in the ever ballooning collection that will only accumulate dust and dirt in your household.

Now, do you want to do something good for all of them? Instead of throwing your unwanted CDs and DVDs in the trash bin, you can opt to hold a garage sale. Maybe your friends and neighbours are interested to grab a copy of any of your collections. You can also sell them in a much lower price or pack them by set and sell them in bulk. Another better option is to trade it with the new ones. Another easy option is to sell them through reputable online selling sites. The process of selling unwanted CDs and DVDs is very simple and doable even for neophytes. This will allow fast disposal of your DVDs plus the fact that you have an updated collection. By doing so, you are also able to get extra amount for family’s and put your collection into good use and in a much better hands.

The family’s habit of collecting CDs and DVDs does not have to be expensive. By knowing when and how to dispose them properly once you are done with them, you can definitely get something in return that will be very beneficial for the whole family. Aside from sustaining your family's lifestyle, you also get to clean and organize your CD and DVD Collection.

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riz tomacruz said...

I have had a couple of CD's -favorite collection actually. Sometimes when money is rather low, i wanted to sell them :)

tnx for coming into my #epalwatch post :)

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