How to Prepare for the Engagement

Are you seeing some signs that you ready to get engaged? Haven’t you noticed that you are now starting to put some extra bucks into your savings account? Are you showing some signs of thinking long term and choosing a couch means looking for something that can accommodate the two of you? Do you start to get your hands on some Tacori engagement rings you have been eyeing for months? If you think you manifest these traits then the ball is now yours to start planning for the engagement.
A lot of creative ways can be done to help set up a nice engagement party. Today, it’s now the couple and some friends who plan this event so that future wedding guests will have a chance to get to know each other. Basically, all engagement parties are designed to announce the couple’s intention to get married in front of their family and friends. Here are some few practical tips on how to plan for this exciting occasion.

1. Plan a simple and relaxed party.
You don’t have to keep running around and get stressed with all the preparations just to make a very grand party. Ensure that you have an easy but fun- filled party where guests are fully entertained. Reserve those lavish planning for the wedding.

2. Make your guest list carefully.
Invite only those who can actually make it to the big day. Always bear in mind that the closest friends and family members should come first in the list. If you are planning to create a surprise factor on your wedding day, invite only the closest family members and most intimate friends to the party.

3.Decorate with personality.
Create a party scene with elements that would revolve around the two of you. Place a photo booth by the entrance and make a layout of a wedding scene with some random items gathered during your trips. Place a monogrammed table napkin with your names and wedding date. Decorate the walls with your photos. Make the atmosphere fun, light and entertaining.

4.Create a toast for the newly engaged.
This is a way to express the same happiness you both now experience. Ask ahead a few family members and friends to make a simple toast.

5.Plan for the menu.
Consider the people who are invited to the party and make a thorough checklist on some food restrictions, ethnic background and other dietary concerns so that everyone is fully satiated throughout the party.

6. Prepare a short program.
Get your guests engaged as well. Make some few games to get them involved and ready some personalized gift items for the winners. Whatever it is, it should be short and fun.

7. Plan for gifts. As a gesture of thanking the guests, decide on what gift to buy. You can either go for personalized, custom- made tokens or buy some of candies, chocolates or a bottle of red wine. 

Planning for an engagement is a little bit stressful. You don’t want to use up all your energy during the preparations, right? It is best to have some few friends to help you or a trusted party host to arrange everything for you. The most important thing is that everyone who matters both in your lives are there to give their blessings and best wishes.

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hmmm.. i didn't have a long engagement. it would have been exciting if i have had, hehe!

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