Home Entertainment Center for the Holiday Season

If this is the year you finally relent and buy the new Xbox One for your home’s entertainment center you couldn’t have picked a better year.  The upgraded features and new look of the box have pushed it to the top of the must have list for veteran gamers and novices alike.  The new box has been slimmed down and now only requires a power cord and HDMI cable to get it started.  Once you’re up and running the changes are evident right away.  The controller’s responsive input and vibration feedback still adds realism to the games.  And the kit powers the controller whether it’s in use or on standby. 
The controller features gaming systems compatible with windows 10 via USB, a 3.5mm stereo headset jack that lets you plug right into the controller and you don’t need a USB cable to update because it can now be done wirelessly.  Impulse triggers and vibration motors let you feel the action and the redesigned D-pad is better at directional and sweeping movements than ever. 
Add-ons make great gifts for those who want the newest innovations on the market, and you can find tons of stuff to enhance your little gamers paradise on the Groupon site.  If your family already owns an Xbox One and are enjoying the Ultra HD 4k video and high dynamic range color, you can follow up that gift with a bundle of chargers, headphones, or even wireless controllers that are thematic, making them more personal.  The Hulk would work well for some of the guys while a Star Wars themed controller would make another one smile. Right now you can save 40% on controllers or more when you use a Groupon online.  And you’ll find other accessories like live chat headphones, replacement thumb grips and silicone protector cases to stuff into their stockings. 

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