Outfit Ideas for Busy Moms

Whether it's at the office or a family gathering, it's important to dress your best. However, when you're a busy mom, and you may find it hard to devote lots of time to your outfit choices. Here's a list of chic outfit ideas that are also functional for busy mothers.

Easy yet classy career wear:
Numerous types of relaxed fit slacks are wrinkle and stain resistant. Additionally, you can find many tops that come with layering pieces such as twin sets and button-ups with built-in faux vests. These clothing options are easy to maintain and accessorized.

Comfy and cute at home styles: 
Yoga pants and other active wear have long been this a trusted mom stable due to being comfortable. And because of this fact many manufacturers have taken notice and now there are many sophisticated active wear styles. You can pair these separates with relaxed fit T-shirts for a look that's comfortable yet trendy.

Reach for a Bohemian Chic style when going out: 
Whether you're having drinks with the girls or having a night on the town with your husband it’s always best to reach for a style that’s effortlessly chic. Try a gorgeous floor-length maxi dress paired with understated jewelry and fashion flats. This style is a quick way for busy moms to be on trend without having to waste a tremendous amount of time getting ready.

Additional tips:
  •   When you find a style you love such as cropped pants or peasant tops tries getting the same       style in a number of different colors.
  •  Opt for an extensive makeup palette in place of multiple standalone makeup options this will  cut your morning routine in half.
  • Whenever possible, choose comfortable slip on shoes and keep your favorites in a designated location just in case you have to make a Mad Dash in the event that you're running late.

Who says you can't be stylish and practical at the same time? These amazing outfit choices aren't just stylish, they also accommodate the lifestyle of busy moms. You can find all of these outfit ideas and much more at express.com.

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