Mom's Day Out : A Treat To Moms by Sun Life Financial

Motherhood is a gift and I consider it as my life's greatest blessing. The day I found out I first got a positive pregnancy test was such a joyous day for me. It's a lifelong career where resignation is not an option and vacation leave is a rare opportunity, so little pauses once in a while is more convenient. Being a mom, a wife and a career woman can be very challenging at times and a little pause is all I need to regain the strength and inspiration I need to keep going. By pause, I mean taking time away from the kids for a while and giving myself the most needed care. ☺

It has been a while since I went out and indulged myself to some pampering and "me time", so Sun Life's Mom's Day Out event is really a perfect opportunity for me to go out and enjoy an afternoon of pampering and learn about financial freedom as well as creating a balance as a mom. It was truly an event designed for moms to feel relaxed, pampered, and learn more about parenting, money management and a lot more.

Enjoying back massage by Elysia Wellness Spa
How lucky can I get? I won a gift voucher from Elysia Wellness Spa! It's an hour of pampering again!

Ms. Michelle Alignay, an author and Family Life Specialist shared about  The Balanced Motherhood. She also talked about how we, as mothers, should give value to ourselves and prioritize on giving the self-care that we need. By doing so, we are also caring for the welfare of our family particularly of our children. If we are reinvigorated and our strength is renewed, we also have the new energy to share quality time and do the much need work for our family. According to Ms. Alignay, the goal of self-care is to live a balanced life. And a well-balanced mom has more to give.

Ms. Mylene Almonte, Sun Life Mindanao's cluster head talked about the rising cost of college education and how we can prepare for it. Her talk excites me and it was very timely because I've been looking for an investment vehicle I can use to prepare for the college education of my daughters. While Bella is still 6 years old and Cheska is 2, I think the best time to invest for their college education in NOW.

Ms. Almonte introduces My Future Fund, an investment vehicle that can help parents prepare for the future of their children. MFF can also be paired with a variable life insurance that suits the family's budget. I believe it is wise to utilize My Future Fund because it is an investment that beats inflation. I can’t wait to discuss this with my husband. ☺

It was indeed an awesome afternoon as I get to see my blogging mommy friends and learned so much from the speakers on top of feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Thank you, Sun Life for thinking of moms like us!

Here's an inspiring video from Sun Life Financial Philippines:

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