Toyota FJ Cruiser

Many SUVs are meant for the soccer mom or construction workers and really do not play to the young, cool, and hip crowd. You might be able to get a used Hummer for a decent price, but it's a monster of an SUV, and what do you do with it? Then there's the Land Rover LR4 which is cool and still has a great stylish feel, but it is not too fresh. Another SUV out there, the Range Rover Evoque, looks cool, stylish, and elegant, but lacks the rough and tough durability and horse power that true SUVs have.

The answer to your problems comes from Toyota and has continued to exude the cool, tough, and stylish demeanor you expect from an SUV since 2006. The model is the FJ Cruiser. The current FJ Cruiser was modeled after Toyota's FJ40 SUV that was produced from 1960 to 1984 according to Wikipedia. Although the FJ Cruiser had a history, the current model remains quite stylish with its chrome accents and a white roof for all body colors. The roof rack adds to the ruggedness. Toyota FJ Cruiser special offers can be found at The best special offer available right now during the Toyota Time Sales Event is complimentary Toyota Care scheduled maintenance which includes 24-hour roadside assistance. The plan is for the first two years or up to 25,000 miles and should keep your FJ Cruiser running perfectly for those two years.

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