Best Friends For Life

Does everybody have somebody they can call best friend? I was just wondering... How can you consider a person your best friend? Is it because you have been together since childhood or you have spent half your life with each other? Can anybody tell me their understanding of the word "best friend"? define friendship as "the one friend who is closest to you." I believe that no amount of time can measure the true meaning of being best friends. I gave emphasis on time since I previously believe that you can only call a person your best friend if you are already friends since childhood that was why to this day, I don't have anybody I can call my best friend.

As I was reflecting last night, I remember one of my college barkadas told me that I do not have anybody I can call my best friend because I'm everybody's best friend which I believe so. A lot of friends are telling me that I am their best friend and I am happy about it. To give honor to all the friends I met and I have throughout this journey, I'll be posting their names here. This is also to remind me that these are the persons who have touched my life one way or the other and this is my way of paying tribute to them....

:) Rosalyn Dumot - elementary buddy in South Cotabato though we compete
academically but we are really friends by heart
:) Mary Anne Ufana - the friend I met during my last two years in
elementary when I transferred in Cotabato City
:) JJKaRRF ( Jenny, Jean, Katherine, Riadnee anf Florence) - High School Barkada
:) Dulce Amor Lavisores - another high school barkada
:) Rosemarie Gonzales - we both don't understand why we clicked since we
don't have anything in common but we really love and
care for each other.
:) Armeyah Calim - we have an unconventional friendship
:) ICC Charismatic Youth
:) The BEATITUDES - My College Barkada, we call each other ats and kuys..
(Erwin, Suzy, Jehanne, Almira, Erel,Lesli,Leila, Lucille and Fanny)
:) Mildred Solana
:) Ma. Socorro Magadan
:) PAA, Jrs.
:) Ate Joy Valmores,Ate Bing Esposo,Ate Grace Tisang and Kuya Cocoy
:) Dinah Orellano
:) Lenlen Diesta, Janelle and Ate Bembem Benibile
:) Jojo and Omar - different kind of friendship
:) Rachel Bolasa - Remperas, Alma Cadua, Clairmarie Lagumbay,Sheila Roa
:) Mary Joy Ordaneza, Rio Linda Rendon,Karen Barsal
:) Exper Tallada and Julius Juarez
:) Rex Velesrubio,Aileen Piagola,Karen Ocampo- Padawag and Guada Confesor
:) Queenie Penaso - Bernardino
:) Claire Calunsod - Newsom
:) Rosalyn Teves - Reposar - my all time best friend
:) Romualdo Brendan Aguilar - my life-long best friend

I would like to dedicate this song of friendship to all of you....

Thank you very much for sharing part of your self with me. I know this list will go on as I continue my journey through life. I love you all and I hope the Lord will continue to bless all of you wherever you are.

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Maria Magcauaus said...

Rovie, we have the same observation. There are people that I'd meet who'd treat me as their bestfriend, simply because they find that I'm pleasing to be with. Which is sometimes a strange feeling for me because I'm an anti-social, but yeah I don't have any problem talking to the person sitting beside me.

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