My Adgitize Account Is Back!

It really  feels  great when something you have worked for has paid off. I've posted about my Adgitize account having suspended due to the popup ads that appears on my blog every time you open it. I have been working on it for several days  but couldn't seem to resolve it.

Just the other day, in my post about the clicksor thing I said that I am hopeful that the concern is already answered. Indeed it is! After removing rankwidget from my blog, Adgitize reinstated it. Mr. Ken Brown has even used the word "Bingo" for making me solve the problem. And  the culprit?! Once again guys, please double check if you have widgets from rankwidget. 

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Unknown said...

problem solve na pala

Rovie said...

oo nga reese eh... very helpful din si Mr. Ken Brown from adgitize... ang adsense ko naman ang nawala at hindi ma pwde maibalik... sige na lang...hehe

Unknown said...

bakit nawala ang adsense mo? may na-violate ka sa terms nila?

Rovie said...

oo reese... may invalid activity daw sa account ko... ewan ko na kung na hack or what... anyway, nag change na din ako ng password...

KRIZZA said...

Thanks for posting this Rovie! I also got similar problem just recently but I happened to read this post from your blog so I was able to address it immediately. My rank widgets were immediately removed.

Thanks again!

Rovie said...

Thanks krizza for leaving your comments. I am happy to know that I can somehow help through my posts...

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