Up Close and Personal With Sen. Chiz Escudero

Sen. Francis "Chiz" Escudero
Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero managed to schedule a press conference with the local media and the Davao Bloggers group while in Davao City to attend a wedding last June. Yes, his main purpose of coming to the City was to be one of the wedding sponsors but despite his busy schedule, he still took his precious to meet all of us. 

I really took this rare chance to meet the good Senator in person because I know for the fact that this seldom happens to an ordinary blogger like me. Meeting him in person is such an amazing experience that I can even consider it as one of the highlights of my blogging career so far.  I can say that the meeting with the Senator did not changed but even confirmed my impression about him. 

That he is…
  • smart and intelligent
  • charming and oozing with sex appeal ;)
  • humorous and fun to be with
  • man of  dignity and honor
  • a good father to his twins
  • a people -  person
  • a good person
  • an ordinary Filipino with an extraordinary dream for his country
I can go on and on with the list but truly, this man is very admirable and respectable. He spoke with passion about the things he loves doing when he is not busy with work like spending quality time with his kids, cooking his favorite dishes like adobo, tinola and paella, and restoring old cars that he can find online.

Charming us all :)
Seriously listening to the questions...
Senator Chiz was also clever enough to answer when asked about personal issues like the date he had with the popular actress Heart Evangelista and the current status of his marriage. I thought he would find these questions personal and offensive but instead, he answered them directly as honest as he could. 

When asked about his music preference, he played one of his favorite songs from his phone; in the middle of the press conference and was taken away as if he was a school boy. Of course, the bloggers teased him :). If I’m not mistaken, the title of the song is… Is it okay if I call you mine by Paul McCrane? At least he acts his age, right? Hehehe Peace Senator Chiz!
On a more serious note, Senator Escudero shared about the reason behind his vote on the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona, that he came up with the decision only a few days before May 29, 2012. His plan for 2013 election is not to run for the higher office but a re-election on his current post as Senator. He believes that to improve the country’s economy, the government should focus on developing the Agriculture sector. He also shared his take on divorce and annulment and talked about how expensive it is to file an annulment here in the Philippines.

After the press conference, we were advised by his staff stay for lunch as the Senator needed to leave shortly for another meeting.  In general, the press conference for the Davao Bloggers went smoothly as our group was separated from the crowd of hardcore media people. I salute the organizers for that! 

To sum it all, it was such an enriching experience to have met the Senator of the Republic of the Philippines up close and personal.

I hope you won’t find this post time-consuming, my dear readers. I couldn’t even believe myself that I have written this lengthy post. It’s just that whenever I recalled that day, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with the experience of meeting the charismatic and handsome Senator.

Office of Senator Chiz Escudero
Rm. 517, Senate of the Philippines
GSIS Compound, Pasay City
Tel. No. : (02) 833-5034
Fax No. : (02) 833-8765
Email: reachus@chizescudero.com

Photo Credits: Candice

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kim said...

he is one charming guy, indeed!

Marie said...

He is my idol Ate Rovs and you're so lucky to have that chance. How I wish there can be such activity like that in my city with Sen. Chiz! :)

lou said...

Yeah! he's cute too. hehehe. Not my idol but I voted him during election. hehehe

SAHM Writes said...

He is very charming. I met him too but we were not able to talk much as he was on a hurry going to Davao. :(

Rovie said...

he really is. thanks for dropping a line :)

Rovie said...

Idol talaga sya ng karamihan Marie. Why not try to suggest that in his fan page or twitter? hahaha

Rovie said...

Hehehe... It's the right thing to do. At least you voted for the right person to be in the Senate.

Thanks for dropping by...

Rovie said...

Indeed Mommy! Thanks for being here :)

claire said...

I find him so adorable and I like the way he talk.

My Firm Foundation said...

sis..i think it's not lengthy enough considering that it was senator chiz.it's like i'd like to read more article about him because he is a celebrity, diba?.. congrtas sis!

sir rob said...

I am not familiar with him but I often heard he has good reputation but to think that he is still a politician in the Philippines.

jheylo said...

wow! i didn't know that he's a blogger too. you are so lucky to meet him in person.

Jessica Cassidy said...

awww! what a humble man he is Momi Rovie :-) sounds like a remarkable senator too :-) you are lucky indeed to meet such a man like Senator Chiz :-)

Bless said...

I heard so much of him as a senator and also saw hist stint at Kris TV. I think he is a good person and I just hope he is a different type of politician, not like the traditional ones.

Unknown said...

I like him kay he so funny...mao ra na ako giganahan sa iyaha :-)

Emma said...

Sir Chiz is very charming. He has this certain appeal with the mass that only him has..Too bad we were not able to have a chance to speak with him when he was here in CDO as he had to attend to a very urgent meeting in Davao...soon, we will have a chance to interview him too! Thanks for sharing! :)

Lulu said...

I have always liked him even before he became a senator.

raya said...

He has the cutest smile and I think you forgot to mention that he's single now?hehehe.. here for WW, Rovs! Hope you could visit my entry http://rayainthailand.com/2012/07/21/eurasia-hotel-chiangmai/

Jessica Cassidy said...

awww! he looks like a charming man Momi Rovie :-) the foods looks delish too :-) it makes me drool too :-) Dropping by from last weeks Wednesday Whites :-)

manchester pr said...

It is a goo idea to keep up with the members and get the chance to attend the wedding for all of the team members.

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