Google Greeted Me On My Birthday!

I always feel blessed and special during my big day. I guess every one is because aside from another year of blessing, it is the only time of the year where people around us tend to be more thoughtful and understanding. At least, they treated us well for even just a day, right? LOL

I actually don't have any plans of making a birthday post but I just can't help but share my excitement when Google greeted me on my birthday today. I am about to shut down my laptop when I thought of researching something. And when I opened Google, here's what I saw...

Happiness! Thank you very much Mr. G for the virtual cakes. You really made my day although it haven't even started yet. I hope the next time around, you will not just give me cakes but also increase the page ranks of my blogs so I can buy all the cakes in the world. Hahahaha. Demanding! Okay lang, bertdey ko naman diba? LOL

I will definitely have a long day today because of the things that need to be done. I just hope I still have the time to prepare dinner for my family later. I would love to eat out with the family on my special day because that is the only chance for us to have dinner outside our home but I suddenly have a change of heart and decided to have a simple dinner at home when hubby told me that he can't go home earlier from work.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who greeted me via SMS and Facebook. Thank you very much for being so sweet and thoughtful. I feel so blessed to have all of you. Thank you for taking the time to greet me and for making my day extra special . May the Lord God bless all of you! Hugs!


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Rcel said...

Hahaha! How cool! Thoughtful din pala si Google sis no? :D I wish he'll also greet us by increasing our PR. Another demanding beauty here! LOL. Happy birthday again, sis! Rambutan lang akoa bi? :D

papaleng said...

Someone whispered on my ears. Your wish will be granted daw. Happy B-day uli sis.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Ahahaha how nice of Mr. G to throw a surprise birthday greetings for you. I haven't experience that yet lol. Belated happy birthday!

mhie@smarlk said...

Nice, pati si Mr. G. nag greet sau sis...Anyway, you deserve it sis. You're so kind to everyone, Happy birthday ulit.mwaahh.

riz said...

Happy birthday, sis. how sweet of G to send his greetings.

Lainy said...

YAY! Nothing less than the mighty G himself! Wish granted for you, Teh! Try to have a check on your blog the next Google update, LOL!

The outpouring of birthday messages on your natal day is a clear proof how loved you are, Teh.

Glad you had a nice birthday celebration with your family :-)

lencilicious said...

You are loved. Even the famous and the rich G greeted you.
Happy Birthday. God bless you and your family.

cheerful said...

wow, that's nice...i bet you had a fabulous day then! happy birthday ulit and God bless you more! xx

Anna said...

Wow, how thoughtful naman ni Google, ever thoughtful and reliable talaga e noh? I'm sure had a blast Ms Rovs. :)


Ria C said...

That's so cool sis!!! How come Google didn't reet me? hahahaha.... Maybe because my homepage is default at That's why!

My friend from Oz also had the same greeting for her daughter last March 12. I'll check mine next year! :)

Bealted Happy birthday again sis, my fello Piscean and fellow nice celebrant :) hahahaha.... Walang tututol!

betchai said...

oh wow, I never had been greeted by Mr. G, no fair :) anyway, belated happy birthday Rovs, am glad so many surprises came your way to make a happiest one.

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