2 of 100 Happy Days: Sharing Healthy Meal with a Good Friend

A day after my birthday, my good friend Julius came to visit because he wasn’t able to come on my birthday dinner. I am grateful for true friends who are always there for me especially those who spend time to come and see me regardless of their busy schedule. Aside from family, I always consider my friends as my true and priceless treasure. And this visit made me very happy and it really means a lot to me.

2/100: Sharing a healthy meal with a good friend and with this little lady. #100happydays #blessed #grateful

Since I didn’t have a lot of visitors during the birthday dinner, we still have some leftover food from last night and most of them are tropical fruits so I decided to prepare tropical fruit salad for our merienda.

This yummy and super creamy frozen durian was brought on the night of my birthday by another good friend,  Karen. They're too plenty we could not consume them all at once after the dinner, so together with Julius and Exper plus Macky, we devoured all these the day after. Sooo yummy!!!

It really feels so right eating healthy and delicious food and it is made even better sharing it with people who matters. Thank you for  a great time Juls!

Originally published Mar 15, 2014.

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betchai said...

I miss durian, I buy it here sometimes, and could not finish the whole fruit in one sitting, so the fridge had to enjoy the smell of durian :)

rona said...

That's really happiness teh. To have good friends who are always there for you is nothing compared to having mny friends pero not true to us nman. You are really blessed.

Ang sarap a natakam ako sa salad mo teh!

Btw, thanks for always taking time to viit my blgs. Really appreciate it! Muah!!!

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