Starting My 100 Happy Days Journey

If you are into Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) you may keep on seeing the hash tag #100HappyDays used by many. I actually didn’t mind it at first thinking that it was just one of the ordinary hash tags that are usually used by social media enthusiasts but I got curious when some of my friends started using it so I researched and decided to jump in to document  and share my happy moments for 100 days in a row. 

What is 100 Happy Days?

The 100 Happy Days challenge was launched last December 30 by Dmitry Golubnichy from Switzerland. He believes that being happy is a choice and we can be happy by appreciating simple things that we see every day. This challenge aims to remind people how beautiful life is. To join and be counted, all you have to do is take a photo of a thing, person, event or whatever it is that makes you happy for the day (for 100 days) then share it in your preferred social media platform and use the #100happydays hash tag when sharing.

As of this writing, 71% of those who participated failed or didn't finish or continue the challenge due to time constraints which simply means that they don't have time to be happy according to the website. :(

If you wish to take on this challenge, check out the 100 Happy Days website to register.

My 100 Happy Days Journey

As a birthday gift to myself, I decided to take on this journey. I've  been planning for this days ago and I am so excited to kick this off today. Why start on my birthday when I can start my journey any time, any day? My answer would be because I don’t want to lose count since 100 days is 100 days and it means more than 3 months and to me it’s a bit tough to cope up for such long period of time. So if I'm lost or confuse, I can always count back from the day of my birthday. LOL.

First Entry for this Challenge

In the website, you will be asked as to what social media platform you will use in submitting your photos. Although I am using several platforms, I chose Instagram as the official platform for my photos. Please follow me @awesomerovie to keep track of my 100 happy days challenge. Expect more photos of my little one and/or my husband as they are the reasons why am happy and blessed every single day.

1/100: Birthday Cake. A special gift all the way from Aussie.  #100HappyDays #blessed #birthday #friendship

My first entry is a birthday cake given as a gift by a dear blogger friend from Australia. Thank you very much Teh Lainy for giving me a reason to celebrate my special day.

And because of the birthday cake, I was given no choice but to prepare a simple dinner on my birthday. Hehehe. Thank you to my friend Exper and to our in-house Chef (my father) for helping me prepare all these food. Mudra, I miss you in times like these!

Aside from Exper who are living next door, Karen, Ashna and Majes were also present to celebrate my special day. I am so blessed to have a few but really good friends!

Thank you very much for making my birthday extra special. The celebration may be simple but you made it extraordinary with your presence. Thank you guys!

I will also be sharing my happy journey on this blog and in my other blogs as well so please stay tuned as I am determined to be happy for 100 days and beyond.

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Lainy said...

YAY! How cool is that?! Pleasure is all mine! You so deserve it, Teh! Belated happy birthday! I hope you've had a grand time!

Thanks for giving me a heads up for this post! Good thing I decided to sit down infront of my lappy tonight and check on my comatosed blogs and there I saw your comment. Hahaha!

It's a good idea joining this meme in whatever platform you choose. I hope you'll make it to 100. With little Bella and your darling husband around, without a shadow of a doubt, you sure will make it.

I chose not to join coz I can't contain my happiness to only 100 days and only 1 photo in one day. Hahah! Does that make sense? LOL! Sometimes I flood my wall with more than one photos in a day when I feel happy and inspired or none at all when I get too exhausted or schedule gets toxic. My main purpose in the uploads is to keep my family updated about me. You see, we don't get too communicate that often because we have different timezones and my ever so busy Momma is even busier than me. LOL! I find it hard to catch her online, I'd only know she went online when she liked the photos I uploaded or she commented on them, Hahaha! When I try to phone her, she'd tell me not to call coz she can't hear; she's on mobile riding a trike, LOL! Or she's in the middle of a beauty pageant and she's one of the judges. Therefore, I give up! LOL! They get content with my photo uploads and not so short captions sometimes. LOL!

As always, thanks for your comments on my new posts .I may not manage to publish one each day as I vowed but I am still trying hard to keep up. Hahaha! Goodluck to me!

See you around! Love and hugs!

On Sunday, we will have to put our clock forward so I can no longer close the FBF threads, Teh :-( I will if I can but I can't commit. We will work it out.


Nova said...

It is indeed one of your happy days, birthdays are always and will always be the happiest day of the celebrant, especially when the person is greeted and is celebrating the special day with family and friends.

jo-anne said...

The challenge is pretty cool! To be honest, I'm not sure if I can finish the challenge too. lol. But I've been meaning to start this challenge less the social media sharing.

che said...

It's really good to appreciate simple things once in a while. The aim of this project is just amazing. kudos to the one who initiated this.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Happy birthday Mommy Rovie :-) wish you all the best in life :-) What a perfect day to spend your birthday with your family and friends :-) The food make me drool :-)

Dhemz said...

oh, I see! that's how it all wonder why I'm seeing a lot of people doing this thing....belated happy birthday mami!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Awww I love that concept! I might jump into that too now that the bad luck is over (I hope).

What a great way to celebrate your birthday with friends and family. Gusto ko yung crabs ahihi.

MaryJane Tauyan said...

it is nice to see that you celebrated your bday with your real true friends! such a nice thing indeed to include to your 100happy days x0~

jennyL said...

This is a very nice challenge! Go, go go !! Everyday should be a happy day!

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