Loving Life : Pregnancy Days

I'm on my 13th week of pregnancy and things just work out beautifully. Thanks be to God! I'm out of work now due to some reasons I do not even understand but I believe God works mysteriously.

It's past two in the morning now but Bren and I are enjoying our time together. He brought home the most demanded sweets which is the double dutch ice cream in replacement for the sundae or buko salad or fruit salad or maiz con yelo since most of the stores are already closed when he got out from work at around eleven in the evening.

The notebook has been repaired and received the most awaited email from CIC. Just a little patience and I know everything will fall into place...

God is just so good that despite everything that is happening right now, He is so faithful in His promises. Thanks be to God. I just love the life I have right now... Thanks so much for all the people around me who continuously give love and support in all my undertakings.

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