Polishing my Resume

Homemaking has thought me a lot about life. Even before I got married, my dream career is really to become a full-time homemaker. It is because I believe that being a homemaker is one of the the hardest and the noblest career one can ever have. When I got pregnant with Bella I have decided to be a full-time homemaker. I got so excited thinking that my days will be so challenging and indeed it is especially when Bella came along.

There was a lot of sleepless nights because I need to breastfeed my little angel at least twice every night. During daytime when she is asleep, I need to do things in a haste for me to finish before she wakes up. That has been my routine for the past five months and I like it and already got used to it. I find comfort and joy seeing my little baby's progress everyday. This somehow made me decide to make homemaking my career for a year or two but opportunities come knocking on my door.

I have been informed by a friend that she will be opening a new business soon and she asked me if I'm interested to join her. Here comes another one looking for a Food Technologist / Consultant on the processing plant that they will be opening soon. I have been working for the past ten straight years since year 2000. Though I enjoyed the learning and earning of the corporate life I can't say I missed it because I am contented and fulfilled in my present career as a homemaker however I still wanted to give those opportunities a glance.

I have already experienced the best of both worlds separately and now I want to try experiencing it altogether. For that reason, I am polishing my resume for it to be updated. Who knows I might bump into a much greater opportunity. God willing:)

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