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Work is a means of earning  livelihood to support the family and I am very thankful for my husband's line of work.  He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession but most of his job experiences  are lined with food production or food manufacturing. He is  a workaholic by nature  to the point of sacrificing his day offs just to get things done. Today, he goes off to work earlier than his usual time  because they are expecting visitors and auditors from USA. I  just received a call from him telling me that he will be working late tonight. He don't know what time he will be home but he can possibly come  home by  tomorrow morning. You see how workaholic he is? That would be more than 24 hours of work...

As a wife all I can do is support him and pray for his safety. I really admire his attitude towards work. He is the type of employee who will never leave things undone at work and who are always willing to sacrifice ( in whatever ways) for the good of the company. He is not just workaholic... He is also loyal because he believes that doing his earthly work is also fulfilling his heavenly duty.

Although he works very hard he also knows how to party and take a much needed  break from work when necessary as he is  somehow  trying to live a balance life.

I am so blessed having Bren as my husband. He is not just a husband  but  also a friend whom I can talk too and share my greatest dreams and thoughts and even with his busy schedule at work , he still manages to call me several times daily  just to check on me and our baby. I am indeed  lucky and I thank God for that.


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anne said...

You are so lucky indeed! Thanks for the visit always Mare.

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fallenrhainnes said...

that's great for bren.., wish i could meet him soon... and hey you too, work hard eh....

Unknown said...

your so lucky having a husband like Bren...
my dad is also very kind, hardworking and responsible...sana kapag nag-asawa katulad nila ha,ha!

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