Mission Accomplished

My day started early because I usually woke up late. It usually starts at around 10:00AM but today is different. I need to be up earlier than the usual because I have a lot of things to do. Top of the list are the bank transactions I need to finish on behalf of my husband. 

Here's the long list of the things that needs to be done today.... (1) Get clearance at the Barangay Hall, (2) Photocopy  documents for the car, (3) Submit requirements at AMPC, (4) Follow up Philhealth Claims, (5) Go to Banco de Oro and RCBC... and the list goes on...

this made my day...

It is such a long day for me but I believe that nothing is impossible if you start moving. I somehow miss busy days  especially when I decided to stay at home to be a full time mom but nothing is so fulfilling than seeing your baby grow before your very eyes. I thank God for giving me strenght to survive this day and I did not just survived it , I conquered it. Mission Accomplished!  Before heading home, I rewarded myself with a fries and spaghetti at  McDonalds. It made my day complete.

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Unknown said...

hmm fries from McD, my fav. Anyway, thanks for being one of my top commentators in July at Mom's Place.

Raine said...

I'm in favor of rewards for ever tiring day hehehe I really envy you for being a stay at home mom :(

Rovie said...

Kat: Thanks also for always dropping by...
Raine: It is actually a dream career for me to be a fulltime homemaker. I believe taking care of my baby and family is very challenging and also fulfulling.

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